Voodoo 2

This graphic card set me back over $600 back in 1997 when I bought my first system. I saved it for some reason and spent a great deal of time modelling it in Rhino 3d and rendering it painfully slow in Bryce 3d.

The Parkhill

This was part of a contract pitch to a new condo in town. Modelled and rendered with 3d Studio Max.


Modelled in Rhino and rendered in Bryce 3d.


I've always been obsessed with Deloreans and I spent countless hours modelling this. Individual tire treads are actual objects...this model is not intended for animation! Created in Rhino 3d and rendered in Bryce 3d.

Agent Orange

Like anyone learning 3d I rendered everything I could in glass. This is no exception. Model from Poser, rendered in Bryce 3d.


Abalone is a strategy board game I really like. Modelled in Rhino 3d and rendered in 3d Studio Max.